Heels Off Live!

For the first time ever, the talk show, ‘Heels Off’ was hosted live with an energetic audience. Taking place at one of London most cosiest and chilled venues, Queen of Hoxton, four young black women were set out to inspire and educate. The show encouraged young black people to break out of the typical stereotypes they have been placed into and more importantly to come together and support each other as a community.

The Heels Off Live panel from left to right: Mercedes Benson, Oloni, Rita Balogun and Amina Habeeb
The Heels Off Live panel from left to right: Mercedes Benson, Oloni, Rita Balogun and Amina Habeeb

‘Heels Off’ is an all women online talk show hosted by Rita Balogun who is the founder of Radiant Salon, Amina Habeeb a YouTuber and stylist. Mercedes Benson, fashion blogger and DJ, Ashley Watt a stylist and Co-Founder of Buffisha Ltd ; and Oloni who is mainly known for her award winning, online sex and relationship blog, Simply Oloni.

Being from different walks of life, these unique ladies come together to create a one-of-a kind day time show where they express their unfiltered opinions on various topics such as relationships, beauty, fashion and the list goes on.

On their live show nothing was different, the ladies brought wit and bold comments which entertained the audience. Questions such as “Do women support each other enough?”, “Is it okay for your partner to have a female best friend?”, “Can a girl have more male friends than girlfriends?” and “How do I avoid falling into the stereotype of an angry black woman?” were thrown both at the crowd which included Remel London( Radio host), Breeny Lee (YouTuber), William Adoasi (Founder of Vitae Watches) and the panelists. These questions provoked interesting debates which were very insightful.

The show wasn’t all talk,  there were dance and cocktail breaks in between  and a live performance from the talented Tiana Major 9 which created a great atmosphere. The ladies added a surprise into the mix by inviting a male guest panelist to give his opinion on matters. Tazor Black from another well known online talk show, Three Shots of Tequila definitely stirred the pot when it came to discussing relationships between girls and their male friends.

Tiana Major9 performing acoustically

Creating a talk show such as Heels Off and producing it live is a very daring move to make and in this case it really worked.

If you haven’t watched Heels Off before , the first episode is above to get you started!






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